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Deep drawing is a metallographic sample preparation technique used to obtain high quality cross-sections of metallic materials. To carry out this technique, high-precision mounting equipment is required to create a specimen with a specific geometry.

The mounting equipment in metallography consist of a press and die which are used to compress the sample material into the desired shape. This equipment is usually equipped with cooling and lubrication systems to prevent overheating and deformation of the material during the drawing process.

The choice of mounting equipment The appropriate sample size and shape, as well as the characteristics of the material being analyzed. Some of the most common mounting equipment includes hydraulic presses, mechanical presses and pneumatic presses.

In summary, the deep drawing equipment are important tools for metallography, as they allow the creation of cup-shaped samples from a sample of metallic material. Whether you need to perform metallographic analysis in the steel industry or other sectors, drawing equipment can help you obtain accurate and reliable results.

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