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Metallographic polishing machines

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Metallographic polishers are essential tools in metallography to obtain flat, smooth and polished surfaces of samples of metallic materials for subsequent analysis. These tools allow the removal of imperfections and surface layers of materials, leaving a homogeneous surface ready for metallographic examination.

The metallographic polishing machines are used in various applications in metallurgy and materials manufacturing, including materials research, quality control and component manufacturing. These tools can be manual or automatic, and offer different speed, pressure and abrasion options to suit different materials and applications.

The use of metallographic polishing machines in metallography is essential for sample preparation, since it allows to obtain flat, smooth and polished surfaces of materials that can be analyzed through metallographic microscopes to determine their structure, composition and mechanical properties.

In conclusion, the metallographic polishing machines are important tools in metallography to obtain homogeneous and prepared surfaces of metallic materials. If you need to prepare material samples for analysis, consider using metallographic polishers for accurate and reliable results.

Rectilam 2.0 – Automatic Pre-Polishing Machine

SmartLam 2.0 manual polishing machine

SmartLam 3.0 semi-automatic polishing machine

Automatic central pressure polishing machine MasterLam 1.0

MasterLam 3.0 automatic central/individual pressure polishing machine

MasterLam 1.1 automatic high capacity polishing machine

Lapping – Industrial polishing

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