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chain type

Measuring stands are essential tools for metrology and high-precision manufacturing. These benches are commonly used in the inspection and quality control of different components to ensure that they meet design specifications. They are designed to be highly accurate and are available in different sizes and configurations to suit different measurement applications.

A measuring bench Typically consists of different components, such as a granite table to provide a solid and stable base, measuring columns to support the component being measured, fixtures to hold the component in place and linear measuring systems to take accurate measurements.

The measuring benches are ideal for working in conjunction with other measuring instruments, such as micrometers and styli, to ensure a more accurate and complete measurement. In addition, they are made of high quality materials to ensure durability and accuracy over time.

In summary, the measuring banks are essential tools for metrology and high precision manufacturing. If you are looking for accurate and reliable measuring tools for your business, measuring benches are an excellent choice to ensure quality and efficiency in your production and quality control processes.

Horizontal bench PS15

PS16 LV tabletop benches

PS16 V2 Desktop Benches

PS16 V2 3-point tabletop benches

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PS17 VS benchtop benches

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