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If you are looking for calipers, in Quálites we have a wide variety of models of the Swiss brand SYLVAC, which we distribute exclusively in Spain. On our website you will find digital calipers, depth calipers, large calipers and all their accessories. We have solutions for all types of projects! Contact us and in addition to the best technology, you will have the best advice and after-sales service. Don't wait any longer!

The calipers also known as verniers or vernier calipers, are accurate and versatile measuring tools used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. These instruments allow accurate measurement of length, diameter, depth and other parameters of small objects with high precision, making them an essential tool in the manufacture of parts and components that require high accuracy.

The calipers They operate by moving two jaws, one fixed and one movable, which slide along a graduated ruler. The reading is made by means of a vernier scale, which allows measuring fractions of a millimeter with great precision.

There are different types of caliper calipers from mechanical to digital models, which adapt to the needs of each application and budget. In addition, some models include advanced functions such as depth measurement, reading of values in different units and connection to data logging systems.

In conclusion, the calipers are an essential tool are an essential tool for any job requiring accurate and consistent measurements, from mechanical parts manufacturing to scientific research.

S_Depth EVO Smart Depth Gauge

Depth gauge S_Depth EVO Smart RP

Depth gauge S_Depth EVO Smart SF

Depth gauge S_Depth EVO Smart TJ

S_Cal EVO Proximity Micron Caliper

S_Cal EVO Smart Caliper

Caliber S_Cal EVO Special nozzles

S_Cal EVO Proximity Caliper

ULV4 ultralight ULV4 depth gauge

Caliber S_Cal EVO Basic

S_Cal EVO Smart Micron Caliper

S_Cal EVO Smart DM caliper

UL4 Ultra-Lightweight Large Caliper Special Feet

UL4 ultralight large caliper

ULD4 ultralight digital ruler

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