Quality Policy

The management of BCN QUALITES, SL is responsible and committed to establish and develop a Quality System based on ISO 9001:2015 in order to achieve the following general objectives:

  • To satisfy the Customer’s needs in terms of suitability for use, performance, safety and reliability of the product as well as to provide a service in accordance with the Customer’s expectations.
  • Comply with the specific requirements of the Client, interested parties and legal regulations.
  • Prevent failures before they occur.
  • Reduce Total Quality Costs.
  • Improve relationships with our Customers and Suppliers, as well as with all relevant stakeholders.

By applying the Quality Policy to all areas of BCN QUALITES, SL we will achieve maximum quality in our products and services. All personnel of the organization shall strive to develop a constant improvement mentality in their work place, not only detecting failures and their causes, but also recognizing potential failures in time and their consequent elimination.

To meet these objectives, the management of BCN QUALITES, SL is aware that in addition to providing adequate material and human resources, staff must understand and apply the guidelines emanating from the Quality System. To achieve this, the management system is supported and aligned with the strategic lines of the organization.

The Quality System is defined in the Quality Manual, which aims to define, systematize and control all phases or activities related to the quality of our products and services. This Manual is mandatory for all BCN QUALITES, SL personnel in those activities that apply to them.

This quality policy is communicated to all relevant stakeholders BCN QUALITES, SL by disseminating it on the corporate website.

The Quality Policy is reviewed annually and the contents of the Management Review report to ensure its continued suitability.

Klaus Junkersfeld,
Barcelona on April 4, 2023

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