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Optical measuring tools are an effective solution for metrology and quality control. These tools use advanced optical technology to accurately measure object and surface geometry, enabling high resolution and high speed measurements. Optical measuring tools are widely used in automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical and other industries requiring high precision measurements.

Among the optical measuring tools The most common are the interferometer, the measuring microscope, the optical profilometer and the optical tomograph. Each of these tools has different capabilities and features to suit different measurement needs.

The optical measuring tools can perform non-contact measurements, which means that they will not damage the measured object. In addition, they offer high resolution and measurement capability, making them a valuable tool for metrology and quality control.

In short, optical optical measuring tools are a valuable option for metrology and quality control in different industries. If you need accurate, high-resolution measurements for your production processes, consider using optical measurement tools to improve the efficiency and quality of your business.

Sylvac-SCAN S25T

Sylvac-SCAN F60/F60T

Sylvac-SCAN F60L/F60LT

Sylvac-SCAN S145 L

Sylvac-VISIO 200 V3

Sylvac-VISIO 300 V3

Meters / CROSS Meters

HD Meters / HD CROSS

Dino-Lite Universal

Dino-Lite High magnification

Dino-Lite Long distance

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Resins for Sylvac replicas – Plastiform

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