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Standard blocks are essential tools in metrology to verify the precision and accuracy of other measuring instruments. These blocks are designed to meet very high accuracy standards and are used to calibrate other measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers and comparators.

The pattern blocks are made of highly precise materials, such as hardened steel, ceramic and tungsten carbide, and come in different sizes and shapes to suit different measurement applications. These blocks are manufactured and calibrated according to international metrology standards, such as those of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).

The use of standard blocks in metrology ensures the precision and accuracy of measuring instruments used in the manufacture, inspection and quality control of parts and products. In addition, the use of pattern blocks can help avoid costly product returns and ensure customer satisfaction.

In summary, the standard blocks are fundamental measurement tools in metrology that allow the accuracy and precision of other measuring instruments to be verified. If you are looking for measuring tools for manufacturing, inspection or quality control, standard blocks are an excellent choice to ensure accuracy and reliability in your measurements.

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