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Probes and gauges are fundamental tools in metrology for measuring the dimension and position of objects and workpieces. These measuring instruments are used in a variety of applications, from parts manufacturing to inspection and quality control.

The probes measure the dimension of the parts and the position of the surfaces, while the indicators measure the indicators measure the position of the part in relation to an established reference. The different types of probes and indicators include mechanical, pneumatic and electronic, each with its own features and benefits.

The probes and indicators are often used in conjunction with other measuring instruments to ensure accuracy and reliability of results. In addition, they can be used in coordinate measuring machines (CMM) for automated part measurement.

Thus, the probes and indicators are essential measuring tools in metrology that enable the dimension and position of objects and workpieces to be measured accurately. If you are looking for measuring tools for manufacturing, inspection or quality control, probes and indicators are an excellent choice to ensure accuracy and reliability in your measurements.

Digital display D300S V2

Digital display D400S

Digital display D62S

Digital display D70A

Digital display D70S/H/I

Capacitive measuring probes

Inductive measuring probes

S-Probe P12D absolute measuring transducers

D200S multiplexer unit

Multiplexer unit D302/D304

M-Bus multiplexer unit

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