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Roughness meters are key tools in the field of metrology for measuring and evaluating the surface roughness of objects and components. These devices allow accurate data to be obtained on the texture and quality of a surface, which is crucial in the manufacture and quality control of various products.

Roughness meters use a tip or probe that moves along the surface to be measured, registering variations and small irregularities. These data are translated into parameters such as average roughness, roughness depth, height of peaks and valleys, among others.

The information gathered by roughness testers is essential for determining the suitability of a surface for specific applications, such as hermetic sealing, lubrication or part-to-part contact. In addition, roughness testers are essential for ensuring surface compatibility and performance in various industries such as automotive, aerospace and electronics.

In summary, roughness testers play a crucial role in metrology by providing accurate surface roughness measurements. Its use allows to evaluate the quality and functionality of products, as well as to ensure efficiency and durability in different industrial applications.

ConturoMatic TS Profilometer-Rugosimeter

Resin for Roughness and Profile replicas

SURFCOM-TOUCH-550 benchtop roughness tester

HANDYSURF+ portable roughness tester

Portable roughness meter SURFCOM TOUCH 50

Diavite DH-10 TOUCH Roughness Meter

TraceBoss Roughness Software

Metallic roughness patterns

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