Resin for Roughness and Profile replicas

Synthetic product, cold polymerized, based on methyl methacrylate in powder and liquid form.

The mass of this resin is, depending on the mixing ratio, fluid and moldable. Fast curing time of 4 to 10 minutes. Once polymerized, the mixture is transformed to a high hardness, suitable for measurement with a roughness tester or with a contact or non-contact profilometer.

Surfaces that are to come into contact with this resin must be clean and degreased. For molding, it is recommended to form a container with plasticine or to use encapsulation molds to prevent the liquid from escaping.

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It is mixed in a ratio of 2 parts by weight of powder to 1 part of liquid. The mixing ratio can be varied according to the consistency required. First, the liquid is poured and then the powder is added by sprinkling. Mix thoroughly with a spatula until all the powder is wet and no liquid residue remains. Avoid beating movements so that no air bubbles form. To make the dough, use porcelain or polyethylene containers and a wooden or rustproof metal spatula.


The hardening of the product begins as soon as the powder and liquid are mixed, and can be accelerated by heating or retarded by cooling, but not interrupted. The amount of heat released during polymerization can lead to the formation of pores. For this reason, you should never mix more than 30 gr. of mass (e.g. 20 g of powder with 10 ml of liquid) at a time. For large quantities, the heat produced can be reduced by immersion or cooling in cold water. Large parts can be built free of pores by successive application of several layers. The hardening time is 6 min. at 22º.

  • Material
    Methyl methacrylate

  • Polymerization at 20ºC
    : 5-6 minutes

  • Presentation
    1 kg / 1/2 liter of catalyst (5 and 10 kg as an option)

  • Mix
    : 1 part liquid to 2 parts powder

  • Maximum polymerization temperature
    : 90ºC

  • Color
    Yellow (standard) or black

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