ConturoMatic TS Profilometer-Rugosimeter

Robust mechanical base.

Large measuring range: 250 x 320.

Granite guide elements for the highest degree of leveling.

Integrated Y-adjustment table.

Motorized measuring axes.

Permanent dynamic speed control.

Constant distance from the data point regardless of the profile declination.

Non-contact incremental linear scales. Our scales are like steel when it comes to thermal behavior. Therefore, temperature compensation or extensive climate control is not necessary in most cases.

Built-in control electronics.

Data logging and control via standard interfaces guarantee usability and independence in the future, regardless of changing computer hardware.

ConturoMatic TS accuracy: ± (0.9 + L/100) µm [L de medición en mm].

More information

The concept behind the ConturoMatic TS profilometer – roughness tester is mainly based on two motorized measuring axes. The X-axis moves the sample and the Z-axis scans the contours. Both the recording and control of measured values are strictly based on state-of-the-art digital technology. The mechanical base is made of high quality granite.

We offer optimized systems for measuring all contour and roughness ranges. The field of application of the ConturoMatic TS profilometer-roughness tester comprises classic models with motorized units and columns and a group of high-end devices with aerostatic guiding units and high precision.

All ConturoMatic TS profilometer-roughness tester models are built using the same software base. Therefore, any extensions or innovations are automatically usable on all systems. Easy handling and high flexibility at a fair price are our top priorities.


Extension packages, available as an option, contain all the necessary components, such as tracking arms for up/down scanning, a roughness software option with roughness sensor including diamond tip, motorized Y-table for automatic zenith search, etc.

Option UD (Up/Down)

This option allows you to change the scanning direction without losing the reference measurement, e.g. to define holes or references from outer to inner contours.

This function is also available in combination with roughness analysis and can be integrated into automated measurement sequences.

Option R (Roughness)

The Roughness (R) option allows to measure the surface roughness by measuring the reference surface. Contour and roughness measurement can be combined and automated through the multi-contour function.

This function is also available in combination with the UD option.

Option M (motorized Y-table)

Motorized and software-controlled adjustable Y-table for automatic zenith search. The hysteresis of the Y-table guidance system is practically negligible and therefore has no relevant influence on the diameter measurement or the UD function. The zenith search can be performed by the software or manually.

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